Cooking Class

On the Persian cooking class, you will:
Experience an intimate and tasty hands-on cooking adventure, which takes you deep into Persian cuisine and culinary background.
During this authentic cooking experience, you will prepare a five-course Persian meal so you can learn to cook and taste Persian food, and discover traditional flavors and ingredients.
This Persian hands-on cooking class explores techniques of uniquely delicious Persian dishes, and is carefully designed so you can easily replicate the recipes at home.

Duration: 6 hours

Culinary Walk

On the Persian culinary walk in Shiraz you will:
Explore a unique taste of Persian cuisine which you would not be able to experience elsewhere.
Experience the local market at its liveliest time of the day with a knowledgeable guide, discovering foods unique to Iran and enjoying different tasting stops at market vendors and street food sellers. You will visit a local bakery to taste the delicious local Iranian bread and pastries.
The culinary walk will then lead you through the atmospheric Vakil Bazaar, where the smell of spices lingers throughout its alleys. You will explore the charming old neighborhoods of Shiraz, where you will learn about Persian culture and history through its food.
The walk ends with a lunch feast of traditional dishes at a local restaurant famous for its cuisine.

Duration: 6 hours

Persian Garden Feast

On the Persian Garden Feast you will:
Prepare and eat a spread of traditional Persian foods with us in the magical Little Garden, Ava’s family garden in the foothills of the Shiraz mountains.
This unique experience treats you to a variety of authentic and delicious dishes, combined with traditional Persian hospitality. You will help to prepare some side dishes and appetizers to go along with the food which is already made, and then eat in the garden together with Ava and her friends, where you can relax in the beautiful surroundings and learn more about Iranian life.
By preparing the feast, you will experience what it feels like to be in a Persian home, and get an authentic and experience of Persian cuisine and culture.
You can attend a Persian Garden Feast for either lunch or dinner.

Duration: 3 hours